Older Travellers To Boost Solo Travel Market

13 March 2019  According to a report by the UK marketing firm Accord, 66% of people above the age of 55 say they would travel on holiday solo. It turns out that this older age group are more willing to travel solo than their younger counterparts – only 61% of people in the 35 to 54 year age group would be willing to travel solo on holiday.

The same report found that single people rated the solo travel experience higher than married travellers.

ROI Set To Improve In 2019 From Over 50s Advertising

15 February 2019   According to Navin Pasricha, Chief Editor of the Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide, “2019 is going to be a landmark year, with companies finally focusing on the Over 50s demographic, now that it is well established that this age group is a significant powerhouse for many economies.

“We can expect a year of innovation in the marketing and advertising media that are attractive to the 50s, 60s, 70s and Seniors.

“What’s really good news is that as a result of the new focus, the sophistication of advertising to this demographic is going to see quantum improvements that will reflect directly in improved ROI” Read More

Malta Tops List Of Islands To Retire To

8 November 2018   InternationalLiving.com has rated Malta as the best Island in the world to retire to, followed by Mallorca in Spain and Penang in Malaysia.

Royal Commission Into Australian Aged Care

October 9 2018   The Australian Government has announced the scope of the Royal Commission into Aged Care. The Commission is to provide an interim report in just over a year. The scope was established after reviewing some 5000 submissions and has been set as:

a. the quality of aged care services provided to Australians, the extent to which those services meet the needs of the people accessing them, the extent of substandard care being provided, including mistreatment and all forms of abuse, the causes of any systemic failures, and any actions that should be taken in response;

b. how best to deliver aged care services to people with disabilities residing in aged care facilities, including younger people; and the increasing number of Australians living with dementia, having regard to the importance of dementia care for the future of aged care services;

c. the future challenges and opportunities for delivering accessible, affordable and high quality aged care services in Australia, including in the context of changing demographics and preferences, in particular people’s desire to remain living at home as they age; and in remote, rural and regional Australia;

d. what the Australian Government, aged care industry, Australian families and the wider community can do to strengthen the system of aged care services to ensure that the services provided are of high quality and safe;

e. how to ensure that aged care services are person‑centred, including through allowing people to exercise greater choice, control and independence in relation to their care, and improving engagement with families and carers on care‑related matters;

f. how best to deliver aged care services in a sustainable way, including through innovative models of care, increased use of technology, and investment in the aged care workforce and capital infrastructure;

g. any matter reasonably incidental to a matter referred to in paragraphs (a) to (f) or that [the Commissioners] believe is reasonably relevant to the inquiry.

$100 Million Boost To Home Support in Australia

2 October 2018   Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an additional A$100 million over the next 2 years will go towards keeping seniors living independently in their own homes for longer, and out of aged care facilities. The services marked to grow are Domestic assistance, Meals, Transport, Home Maintenance and Home modifications  Read more

Australian Over 50s Want To Downsize

2 September 2018   According to initial results of a nationwide readers’ survey by the Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide; a third of Over 50s are looking to Downsize from where they currently live. The downsizers have plenty of choices, such as retirement villages, over 50s resorts, apartments, townhouses and smaller landed property.

More independence predicted for UK’s Over 65s

30 August 2018   According to a study published in Lancet, 53% of the UK’s population aged 65 to 74 will be independent in terms care needs compared to only 23% in 2015. However, the trend reverses in people in the 85+ age group who are, “Expected to have higher levels of dependency, dementia, and comorbidity.” The predictions have significant impacts for both private and public sector services providers. Read more

Question Mark On Influencer Audiences

29 August 2018   According to new analysis by Hyland Media only 17% of influencer audiences in Australia are valuable – that is after stripping out non-credible audiences such as those created by bots, bought audiences and audiences from non-targeted geographies. Read more

67% of Singaporean parents expect to outlive their savings

27 August 2018   According to a Nielsen study reported in the Straits Times, survey respondents in Singapore started to save and plan for retirement at age 36. In spite of this early planning, 67 per believed that they expect to outlive their savings given a life expectancy of about 83 years in Singapore. The study indicates major opportunities for retirement planning in Singapore. Read More

High-Rise the Answer to Australia’s Ageing Population?

25 August 2018  According to Ben Myers from the Property Council of Australia, the solution to Australia’s ageing population may be to go “up”.  “Vertical retirement villages make sense. It’s really hard to build a traditional retirement village in the suburbs around our capital cities, so it makes sense to look at how you can go up,” Mr Myers told A Current Affair.  Read more

Luxury Travel Dominated By Older Travellers

20 August 2018   According to Misty Ewing Belles, Managing Director of Global Public Relations of luxury travel network Virtuoso, the average age of luxury travel clients is 62 and they are either retired or near retirement. Belles was releasing a “snapshot” of what Virtuoso’s top clients look like at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas. Read more 

Asian Baby Boomer Markets are Different

31 July 2018   Businesses looking to export markets for Over 50s services and products should be careful not to assume that the characteristics of the Over 50s are the same across the world. A recent study in Malaysia published in Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences by H. Ting et al, focused on differences between Malaysian and US populations. The most defining experience of  Malaysians aged above 65, is independence and the formation of Malaysia.  Read more

Typical Legators in the UK are 77-Year-Old Females

30 June 2018   Providing vital information for all charity fundraisers, a Legacy Trends 2018 report by Smee & Ford released in June 2018, says that 6% of the UK population leave a bequest in a will. The typical legator is female, 77 years old when she writes her will and leaves three bequests in her will. The report goes on to identify that, “There is an average 6.5 years between date of last Will and date of death.” Read more