Measuring Print ROI From The Over 50s

Measuring ROI From Print

Measuring the impact of your advertising in print media has always been a problem. It’s the same challenge whether your advertisement is in a newspaper, magazine, guidebook, pamphlet or even on an outdoor billboard. Here are some techniques that work particularly well for non-branding advertising that is directed at the Over 50s market.

Provide unique webpages in your advertisement.

This will enable you to determine how much attention and traffic your advertisement is generating. Easily linked to your existing website, a subdomain allows you to advertise in print and welcome those unfamiliar with technology, while still easily monitoring your results.

Use Unique phone numbers

Use advertisement specific response telephone numbers. Have a separate telephone number for each advertisement. This will allow you not only to measure response from a particular print campaign but also to measure response from the readership of different publications.

Coupons and vouchers

These are always popular. They are a clear call to action, and you can use special codes to track the response. The medium can flyers that have a dedicated phone number to call, a cut-out coupon in and advertisement, a poster that has a QR code direct to your website or app, or a promotion number to claim a discount. All of these can make print advertising easy-to-track for measuring ROI.

Train Your Staff To Ask

A much more direct approach in determining the origin of a sale or visit is by simply asking. This can be done in two main ways:

  • In-person during the processing of a sale. Ask whilst at the cash register or following the completion of a service. Customers are more likely to remember than if you wait. Asking one or two questions is easy, but make sure to keep it concise.
  • A mail-in tear-off section of an advertisement or flyer. This can double as a subscription or membership sign-up.

Before and After Comparisons

Although not as precise as the earlier methods mentioned in this article, it is worthwhile comparing key inquiry statistics in your business before and after a print campaign, in order to gauge the effect of your print advertising.

Plan Ahead

There are many options available for measuring ROI in print marketing, particularly for the Overt 50s market. Experimentation is the best way to find what works best for your company in your market. A key thing to remember, however, is that all the techniques we have mentioned, need to be thought through and the appropriate measurements set-up, before preparing the artwork and going to print.