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Can You Still Trust Circulation Numbers?

Recent moves by some magazines to dump circulation audits, have  shaken the trust in circulation claims by major magazines.

An independent audit is an excellent way of establishing true circulation numbers for the publications you advertise in. That is why the Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide has a six monthly audit carried out  – so our clients can trust our numbers.

It was therefore a big surprise when large publishers such as Bauer pulled out of the AMAA circulation audit system earlier this year. This leaves no credible way for advertisers to establish true circulation figures.

Bauer CEO Nick Chan, is reported as saying that, “In an increasingly competitive media market we have to focus on the total audience.” Whilst it is correct that it is total audience that counts, circulation is still the basic metric needed for calculating audience reach, and must be audited if advertisers are to believe audience numbers.

Advertisers don’t see how it benefits them if circulation is not audited and many intend to vote with their feet. For instance, L’Oréal is believed to be pulling up to $3 million in advertising dollars from unaudited magazines. Harvey Norman and  Estee Lauder are reported as “very concerned.”

All print advertisers should be checking with their agencies or magazines directly, to ensure the circulation numbers are independently audited. We confirm that the circulation of the Australian Over 50s Living & Lifestyle Guide continues to be independently audited for the benefit of all our advertisers and readers.